Website, application and software development

Softech can design state of the art e-commerce website and cross platform mobile apps. We specialize in developing software that can change the purchasing experience of your clients / customers. Our systems keeps you in full control that helps you to keep track of your business transactions. Our websites are secure and robust. We can offer both shared and dedicated firwall protected cloud hosting. operations with the help of a convenient Magento development mobile e-commerce or gadget app.

B2B Solutions
Marketplace Software
Client Management
Online Shopping
B2B Solutions
  • B2B software infrastructure based on Oracle and Terraform
  • E-hubs and private industrial networks
  • High electronic data interchange for organizing shipment
Marketplace Software
  • Google Business Solutions, Amazon Web Services
  • Ruby on Rails, Python and jQuery technology
  • Swift functionality of your software that expands your
  • Using Magento platform to extend the versatility of your store
  • High-reward feature personalization
  • Multiple store management through a single account
Client Management
  • Easy-to-integrate client management software
  • WooCommerce, OpenCart solutions
  • CRMs for Shopify, Drupal and other platforms.
Online Shopping
  • Online stores with product pages and customized payment systems
  • Mobile apps, voice assistants, chatbots
  • Modern digital retail features for a profitable online business.

Profit with Softech

Achieve stable marketplace development

Business Model Adjustment

We create a unique solution that covers the most topical aspects of your business: flexible B2B software, ecommerce frameworks, CMS tech and anything you envision.

Simple creativity

Our design team combines key selling points of your project within an authentic, imaginative and usable design. We make your ecommerce mobile apps and e-stores as impressive as they are functional.

Fast accessibility

To accelerate remarketing, our development provides customers with easy way to login and logout, check their buyer account and receive all useful offers in a swipe.

Quality Assuarence

Creating a bug free fully tested system is our standard. We build them strong, adaptable and flexible.

Tight security

confidentiality, data security are our core business values.

User targeting

our builds comes with standard search engin optimisation tools that helps in targeting your audience.

Our Clients

Helping people reach their dreams.

Softech Business Services Clients - Andalusia Academy Bristol, UK

Andalusia Academy Bristol, UK

Andalusia Academy is a private education provider in Bristol UK education. The education curriculum is compatible with Islamic principles and practices.

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Softech Business Services Clients - Language Services, UK

Language Services UK

Translation and Interpreting Service Provider in 150+ languages to the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom

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Softech Business Services Clients - LoadaTrash, UK


Loadatrash is a web controlled cross platform mobile app that helps people to dispose off thier waste at costs within their budget.

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Softech Business Services Clients - MyTreats Bristol, UK

MyTreatsBristol UK

MyTreatsBristol UK is a website controlled mobile application for various takeaways businesses to sell treats to their customers on the go. Whether they are on Andriod or iOS platforms.

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Softech Business Services Clients - Fab Driving School, UK

Fab Driving School UK

Book your driving lessons on the Fab driving School's website

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Softech Business Services Clients - Fj Automatic Gates, UAE

Fj Automatic Gates UAE

Buy accessories from Automatic Gates, Remote controls for cars to entrance gates and much more at FJ automatic gates Website

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Softech Business Services Clients - BabalQamar Courier Services, UAE

BabalQamar Courier Services, UAE

BabalQamar Courier LLC Services is a Business located in Dubai, UAE. Providing parcels in all over United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Softech Business Services Clients - TheGlobal Muslim

The Global Muslim

The Global Muslim aim is to create quick service for Muslims around the world to easily connect to their local Masjids.

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Softech Business Services Product - Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System helps you monitor staff attendance using both face and employee code recognition.It also helps with mananging staff HR and holidays records

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