Attendance Management System

A two- factor authentication system that keeps track of employees.

This system uses Employee QR code followed by Face Recognition to allow check in. Employees will need to present employee card with QR code and scan face to checkout or go on break or take time off or request a leave

Employee Management
Shifts Management
Salary Management
Tax Brackets
Leaves Management
Users Management
Contact Details
  • Identity and Academic Documents
  • Photo
  • QR Code
  • Allocate Shift
  • Change Status to Remote or On-site
  • Define Salary Package
Shifts Management
  • Add Shift Types
  • Add Working Hours
  • Add Break Duration
Salary Management
  • Monthly Salary
  • Hourly Salary
  • Salary Plus Commission
Tax Brackets
  • Add Multiple Tax Percentages
Leaves Management
  • Paid Leaves
  • Unpaid Leaves
  • Sick Leaves
Users Management
  • Company Admin
  • Hr Admin
  • Receptionist
  • Operator

Why Attendance Management System by Softech

Stable, Secure,Modern, Robust, Low-cost,Quick Setup

Business Model

A product to increase productivty and impact on staff performace

User Friendly

Easy to install, simple to use

Payslips to work out salaries and see attendance by days of the month

Notifications to inform about missed checkouts, break ends etc

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote login is allowed for remote employees, Route tracking

Tight security

confidentiality, data security is an added assurance to staff and businesses.

Increased Productivity

Time Management and Monitoring can improve performace

Our Clients

Web and Mobile Solutions.

Softech Business Services Clients - Andalusia Academy Bristol, UK

Andalusia Academy Bristol, UK

Andalusia Academy is a private education provider in Bristol UK.The school education curriculum is compatible with Islamic principles and practices. This solution include website, CMS, Admin Panel, Teachers and Student Portal

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Softech Business Services Clients - Language Services, UK

Language Services UK

Translation and Interpreting Service Provider in 100+ languages to the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom, The solution include Website, management system, CMS, Client and freelancers portal

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Softech Business Services Clients - E-Bazaar


Its an e-commerce portal where business can setup online shops, every business get their own dedicated website for marketing their products and access to admin panel to manage shop products.This help Businesses to divert traffic to their shops. Businesses can offer discounts and run financial reports.Customers can shop online, track orders, review products

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Softech Business Services Clients - MyTreats Bristol, UK

My Treats Bristol UK

MyTreatsBristol UK manages multi takeaways businesses across South-West of the UK. The admin panel on the wesbite sends to and recieves from e-commercce mobile applications for various takeaways businesses.Customers can place orders, make payments and track delivery statuses on both andriod and iOS devices.

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Softech Business Services Clients - Fab Driving School, UK

Fab Driving School UK

This website solution is for a driving school in Bristol, United Kingdom where customers can check driving lessons and instructor's availability and book your driving lessons.

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Softech Business Services Clients - Fj Automatic Gates, UAE

Fj Automatic Gates UAE

This is an ecommerce website where customers buy accessories from Automatic Gates. Orders verifications are processed on the admin panel. System can send notifications for certian actions performed on the admin panel. The site admin can create permissions based roles to ensure controlled and supervised business flows.

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Softech Business Services Clients - BabalQamar Courier Services, UAE

BabalQamar Courier Services, UAE

This Web solution is for a courier compnay based in the United Arab Emirates. The business uses their admin panel and website for recieving and processing parcels requests. System is used to generate invoices, recieve and process payments, parcel allocations to courier services. Admin can run maangement reports to view, filter and export transactions

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Softech Business Services Clients - TheGlobal Muslim

The Global Muslim

The Global Muslim website is used by Muslims around the world to know congregation (Jamat) times in the Masjids near their location. The Website shows Qibla direction to the visitor and live streaming from Masjid Alharm in Makkah Saudi Arabia. The website uses e-books technology for read. Masjids gets an access to admin panel and a webpage where they can manager their visitors, events and other programs.Masjid can link their social media links to their pages and send notifications to their regular attendees.

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Softech Business Services Product - Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System is a unique two-factor (Face Recognition and Employee QR Code) authentication system that helps employers to monitor staff attendance. It can also be used for employee records, shift management, breaks management, employee holidays management, taxation, salaries, commissions and other aspect of Payroll

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