Mobile Development

Digital power behind the touchscreen

Going mobile brings huge additional value to your business. Together with Softech you gain an opportunity to apply our technology expertise in mobile development and our varied SDK to create a Big Data-tackling, task-solving, process-refining helper that will expand and multiply your business’ functionality and influence.

Mobile Development Services

Native, web and hybrid mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms

iOS Development

Simple and reliable mobile app development based on Apple technology. Using Apple-exclusive Objective C and Swift programming languages to develop software for one of the most protected and easily monetized platforms.

Android Development

Using Kotlin technology for a mobile application development that unleashes the productive potential of the Android platform to its fullest capacity. Developing quick performing software with High UX interface and ability to reach out to a wide range of users.

Hybrid Development

Developing solid cross-platform mobile applications with a revolutional React Native tool, Phone Gap, Flutter, Xamarin and Ionic technology. Creating custom hybrid solutions that synergize with massive platforms.

UX/UI Design

Using innovative front-end solutions that streamline user experience. Turning the process of uncovering the features of your application an enjoyable discovery for your users. Developing UI design for native mobile platforms to ensure swift functionality.

MVP Development

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to reduce your mobile development cost and time. Defining and empowering the most authentic and essential features of your app to achieve the most rewarding early release

Technical Documentation

Organizing the guidance of your team and development processes. Defining the business logic. Creating the foundation of your mobile app product according to mobile web app development standards.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Development

Frontend Works

The core of any mobile application is a user-friendly and intuitive interface that guarantees smooth navigation. Our development team applies the latest technologies to provide you with a quality product that can be easily maintained and scaled. For hybrid mobile apps, HTML, CSS and JS/typescript are used to create web page structure and visual representation. If you are looking for the vendor to build iOS and Android apps, we apply programming languages suitable for this type of development works, such as Objective-C, Swift or Java.

Backend Works

Regardless of the app you want to build, our development team is always ready to analyse your project and provide the best solution in each case. If you are looking for a partner to build a cross-platform app, we analyse your requirements and choose technologies to bring your idea to life. For native mobile apps, we use the most suitable programming language that is designed for iOS or Android development (Objective-C, Swift, Java).

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