Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a key element of every successful software development strategy QA processes that are tailor-made, scalable and on-demand. Therefore, this model gets more and more attention from tech managers.

Quality Assurance

& Its Solutions

Adjusted to your needs

Once we grasp your business context & challenges, we’ll prepare a dedicated engagement model. It’ll be tailored to your needs, expectations and possibilities.

Optimised for cost

Look for the skills, not the headcount. We’ll cover all costs and operations related to QA engineer’s effectiveness, motivation and necessary tools to work (training, licences, devices).

Scalable as you go

Expand your QA operations on demand. Both in team size and the range of skills and services.


As external experts, we’ll make sure that test results are not biased by any factors.


Established and optimised QA processes from day one. Don’t waste time building everything from scratch


Unusual challenge? Been there, done that. Benefit from our years of experience and dozens of completed QA projects.

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