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To step into the digital world you need a solid base to make your move and a team with the experience and the expertise to tailor it for you. What is covered by our enterprise software development? СRM solutions, asset management technology and other software vital to your business’ lifecycle.

Enterprise software for companies

ROI Solution for CRM, EAM, ERP

Custom Development

Scrutinizing the internal structure of your business to deliver customer management or asset management software with supreme scalability and workload distribution. Empowering your business through AI machine learning, backend and frontend SDKs.

Software Integration

Improving your data integration and processing by developing powerful APIs that synchronize your data delivery through mobile CRM solution or any other software. Strengthening the infrastructure of your software and equipping it with tools and features for a faster interface and expand the range of integration options.

UX/UI Design

Refreshing the current design for your enterprise software or building an entirely new, highly usable design with a next generation user interface. Improving the experience of your employee network and creating better conditions for increasing productivity.

Portfolio Consolidation

Rationalizing your enterprise software products. Building meta-data for your files to prevent file loss and data issues. Using cloud hosting and database expertise for a faster and more streamlined Big Data processing. Organizing your multiple solutions.

Software Research

Taking an in-depth study of your enterprise software to define the development options that will be the most beneficial to your company. Exploring the market of your company and foreseeing the possible constraints. Crafting development roadmaps for your enterprise project development.

Software Modernization

Removing obsolete software elements that hinder your customer management, accounting, and ERP. Checking your digital tools to select and provide upgrades. Implementing high-tech solutions.

What is Digital Transformation?

Get Acquainted
Get Professional
Get Victorious

Get Acquainted

Our team with an experience of working with enterprises is introduced to the client’s company and software. The business processes and the company’s unique offer are explored. The team is assembled. The roadmap is built.

Get Professional

Following the enterprise software development strategy within the roadmap. Building a mockup with the expertise of Mangosoft frontend specialists, prototyping the future enterprise software and building a code with the platform-specific backend tools. Developing and implementing the design.

Get Victorious

Monitoring the deployed software and conducting bug testing to provide the new level of positive experience for your employees. Supporting and consulting the client on the use of their new or updated software.


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