Digital your workflow

Starting an independent project is a bold and risky move that results in a high reward. The goal of Mangosoft is to make sure that every startup business has the software and the specialists for overcoming the obstacles and rising to the top.

Dedicated partnership

Our development teams start your journey with you including: product strategy development, segment targeting, prototyping. We are ready to become your software partner striving to provide you with high quality digital solutions as well as wide range of tests, testing cases and assistance of human testers.

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Custom software
Desktop apps
Mobile apps
Online portals
Market platforms
Custom software
  • DevOps teams that meet your ideas and make them work as promptly as possible
  • Python, Java, C#, HTML5 and CSS experts
  • Libraries and frameworks for letting your software fly
Desktop apps
  • Working with projects for Fintech, Logistics or Entertainment
  • Compatibility and usability that engages users
  • Full set of features to unleash the benefits of your project
Mobile apps
  • Design and software development for mobile apps
  • Delivering apps for Entertainment and Media.
  • Multiple mCommerce projects.
Online portals
  • Presentable site that reaches your web audience
  • Massive online portals with individual payment systems
  • Letting your online project take form and go viral.
Market platforms
  • Full-stack development for all niches
  • Platforms for sale and purchase, exchange and networking.
  • Unique solutions across all platforms.

Free to risk and succeed with Softech

Startup software and support

Technology management

If you have a small team and lack a CTO, we can fill in this niche and manage the works behind your project to meet the deadlines and introduce your creation to the market.

Fulfilling support

Our consultation and support stays with you from step one to the finish line. We monitor the results of your project and provide technical assistance until the project’s release.

Quality Work

Quality is not expensive, its just price less. We provide best solutions to our clients by utilizing our previous experience and using market standerds for development and support.

Fast development

By working with experienced and dedicated teams, you reduce time expenses and quickly complete all production steps without sacrificing quality or missing important details.

Cost Reduction

With us you do not have to use cost-effective alternatives to save your budget. We offer you advanced technology at reasonable prices to let you balance your funds.

Learning opportunity

In addition to letting your startup company make successful first steps with our software and support, we give your new and detailed knowledge within interaction with our talented experts and experience exchange. Talent diversity is the force that helps businesses advance.

Our Clients

Helping people reach their dreams.

Softech Business Services Clients - Andalusia Academy Bristol, UK

Andalusia Academy Bristol, UK

Andalusia Academy is a private education provider in Bristol UK education. The education curriculum is compatible with Islamic principles and practices.

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Softech Business Services Clients - Language Services, UK

Language Services UK

Translation and Interpreting Service Provider in 150+ languages to the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom

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Softech Business Services Clients - LoadaTrash, UK


Loadatrash is a web controlled cross platform mobile app that helps people to dispose off thier waste at costs within their budget.

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Softech Business Services Clients - MyTreats Bristol, UK

MyTreatsBristol UK

MyTreatsBristol UK is a website controlled mobile application for various takeaways businesses to sell treats to their customers on the go. Whether they are on Andriod or iOS platforms.

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Softech Business Services Clients - Fab Driving School, UK

Fab Driving School UK

Book your driving lessons on the Fab driving School's website

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Softech Business Services Clients - Fj Automatic Gates, UAE

Fj Automatic Gates UAE

Buy accessories from Automatic Gates, Remote controls for cars to entrance gates and much more at FJ automatic gates Website

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Softech Business Services Clients - BabalQamar Courier Services, UAE

BabalQamar Courier Services, UAE

BabalQamar Courier LLC Services is a Business located in Dubai, UAE. Providing parcels in all over United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Softech Business Services Clients - TheGlobal Muslim

The Global Muslim

The Global Muslim aim is to create quick service for Muslims around the world to easily connect to their local Masjids.

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Softech Business Services Product - Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System helps you monitor staff attendance using both face and employee code recognition.It also helps with mananging staff HR and holidays records

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