Web Development

Next level of digital usability

Successful web sites and web projects work seamlessly, process large volume of information in a swipe of a thumb and build a valuable connection between your brand, target audience and you. The web development developers at Softech are dedicated to build and design web features and sites that give you leverage in a competitive digital world.

Web Development Services

Sites, APIs, web applications, and web features

Website Development

From personal webpage to scalable enterprise web sites, we design and build sites that are fast and responsive. They work on any device and software.

Web Application Development

Sites with a reliable core shaped by Ruby on Rails, C#, PHP and Java Spring framework, a powerful database ( MySQL PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.) and digital UI-responsiveness granted by JavaScript React.js, Angular, D3.js, Vue.js), CSS and HTML.

API Development

Softech development team designs responsive APIs that are highly compatible with a variety of platforms and social media. We provide custom API development for Windows, Android, iOS platforms as well as multichannel APIs.

Web Design

Cutting edge web design tools that create bright and adaptive designs for landing pages, corporate website, e-commerce portals and other websites. Responsive design for a wide set of screen definitions. Development and integration of animated, dynamic visuals.

Web Services

Flexible and versatile platforms for the e-commerce web app development that fully covers the needs of a small, medium or large business project. Developing payment systems and sophisticated purchase features for online shopping. Establishing security. Ensuring quick use on mobile phones.

Web Features

Our custom web development lets you follow the steps of Amazon, IBM, and Google in using AI for building messengers, chatbots and networks that accumulate sales force and facilitate your business processes. Installing motion UI, flexible and enduring data storage via blockchain, and other innovative features are available to you with our development services.

Web Development Technology

Web Development

Frontend Works

Our development team creates intuitive, dynamic, and most importantly user-friendly interface to ensure users can easily browse the website. On the frontend side, scripts are executed, which allows creating dynamic changes on the page, trigger API's requests as well as requests for receiving data from backend and its subsequent visualization. Markup languages, such as HTML, are used to create the page structure while CSS is applied to form web representations of the pages including colour, layouts and fonts.

Backend Works

Our backend specialists deal with data security and validation, establishing a connection with the database, receiving data, changing, formatting and deleting. Business logic of your application is also stored and executed on the backend side. With extensive expertise and experience in web development, Softech team is ready to perform any backend tasks.

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